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Cog nix Systems is more than 1,500 websites made through Houston web Design Company Gazelle, our service dedicated to website creation. The reasons for this success? A team of recognized experts from the Web, a mastery of all facets of website design, controlled rates and customers located throughout France, or even abroad.

Business, TPE, SME, widen your scope, go to the Internet!

In 2018, having a Houston web design company

for a company, an SME and even for a TPE is INDISPENSABLE!

It is an excellent means of communication, essential to the growth of your activity. Whether you are already in place or in the process of creating your business, you should not neglect this investment, an extension of your traditional communication that offers the best return on investment. Whether it’s a simple website that introduces your business or a more advanced Houston web design company

that offers to discover all of your services and / or products, it is important that when one of your “future customers” seeks information about you he can find all the answers.

Here is an overview of the features implemented:

  1. Presentation of my company, its teams (photos, CV …) and its actions,
  2. Uploading my documentation, useful links,
  3. Forms for contact and request for quotation,
  • Thematic news,
  • Photo gallery, video,
  • Restricted space for my clients wishing to consult “confidential data” after registering,
  • Subscribe to my newsletter,
  • Internal search engine,
  • Integration of social networks,
  • Website in French, or in multilingual
  • Intuitive administration interface to easily update texts, news, photos, documents…
  • Hosting, domain name and emails,
  • Natural referencing of the site,
  • Resumption of your existing graphic elements: logos, colors, paper diary…

With more than 12 years of experience in the Houston web design company domain, our website creation agency has a solid and rich expertise to guide and transform your projects into success.

Since 2005, Cosmetic has been creating and optimizing websites for small and medium-sized businesses, craftsmen, retailers and the professions.

From the design of the specifications to the referencing, by way of the creation of the website, Cosmetic brings together all the necessary skills to make your web project a real success.

We also support your communication on social networks and the adaptation of your site for mobile (responsive site).

Thanks to its 5,000 Houston web design company

Creations and its presence throughout France, Cosmetic nowadays radiates mainly in 5 regions: the North with its head office and its studio in Lille, Ile-de-France with an agency in Paris, the Rhône-Alpes with an agency in Lyon, the South with Montpellier, the West with Nantes and finally, since 2017, the region of New Aquitaine with Bordeaux.

For 12 years, Cosmetic has placed the satisfaction and success of its customers at the heart of its strategy. That’s why part of Cosmetic’s profits are reintegrated each year for the technological watch and the improvement of its customer monitoring platform. Today, we go further with Google Partner Certification to support our customers with their Google Ad words advertising.


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