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contact for the installation of tinted windows for your home, your property in commercial space, your car or your boat. T Tinting

Glass is an affordable and effective way to extend the life of your home’s furniture by preventing sun discoloration, and greatly helps to regulate the ambient temperature of sunny and shady from your home. Whatever the position of the sun, the rooms always keep their freshness in summer.

At our address, you will find a large selection of Llama Tinting Films, including installation by our experts, always offered at very competitive prices. At Protectant, you will undoubtedly find the best type of film to meet all your needs. All films sold by our company are 100% compliant with the standards and regulations in force.

We have a wide selection of films from very light to very dark, from low reflectivity to high reflectivity, from neutrals to multicolor. You can choose the film that is appropriate for you.

We have a film that will make your windows more efficient and safer without changing your vision or diminishing the light significantly.

As a sunscreen for your furniture, Classis films block up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays that can cause the discoloration of draperies, furniture, works of art and even floors. In addition, while eliminating unwanted reflections, Classis films reduce heat from the sun, which can compromise the comfort of a room and increase the energy bill.

Tinting windows significantly reduce the dangers of glare from the sun, headlights and reflective surfaces. The film can also hold the glass shards together in case of accident.

At GL Tinted Windows, we install Tinting films on the windows of residential and commercial buildings throughout Quebec. In our shop in Mercier, on the South Shore, we offer a professional service of tinted windows for your vehicle.

Solid experience in tinted windows

Trust GLT tinted glass is to ensure the expertise of a specialist who has more than 30 years of experience in the field and who has had his own company since 1989. At Over the years, individual, residential and commercial customers have succeeded each other. Glazed Windows GL started in 2007 and continues to offer the same impeccable service to all its customers.

Residential and commercial film application

We offer the installation of several types of Tinting film for the windows of your home, business or office building. Our work is always done with meticulousness and cleanliness.

The solar film blocks UV rays and makes you save money, while safe film ensures protection against break-ins. Finally, the decorative film allows you to create a personalized style in your home or office.

Residential window shade film will be damaged or discolored, requiring the owner to remove or replace it. The film itself includes two or three layers, which after time can separate, making the move a little longer. Using a concentrated ammonia-based cleaner and a razor blade, the average homeowner can remove the window tint of a large glass panel in about an hour.

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