Find a Job Without a Diploma: the Interest of Going Through a Local Mission

Present throughout France, the local missions are aimed at young people aged 16 to 25 who have difficulties in their professional career. Apprenticeship, job of the future, internship to discover a job … They have devices to allow young people without a diploma to find a job or training. And show good results: out of 2000 young people accompanied by the local mission of Aurillac, Cantal, 65% are in training or have found a job. Explanations with Daniel Coubetergue, its director.

How to benefit from the services of a local mission?

The local missions are aimed at young people aged 16 to 25 regardless of their level of education, who have left school and are looking for skills training or employment. Just find a local mission close to home and register. From there, the young person is put in contact with a referent adviser who accompanies him in his steps: definition of the professional project, job offers or training on which he can apply … The service is free and does not have mandatory.

Why go to a local mission?

Depending on his project, the young person may be oriented towards training or be accompanied in his job search. Counselors are in contact with many employers in the territory where the local mission is located. They know their needs and expectations and can put them in touch with people they accompany. They also have concrete means to facilitate employment and training, such as jobs for the future, for young people who do not have a diploma.

What is a job of the future?

Jobs for the future are for people with a lower level of baccalaureate (and holders of baccalaureate living in sensitive urban areas). These are positions in companies, associations, public structures or local authorities in various sectors (personal assistance, transport and logistics, animation, health and social sector, environment …). These contracts are remunerated by the SMIC, last from 1 to 3 years and include a training time.

Do futures contracts lead to a permanent contract?

Not necessarily. Nevertheless, most of the jobs for the future are in hiring sectors and in structures that will have to face many retirements. We hope that of the 600 future jobs that have been signed in Cantal, between 50 and 60% will lead to a permanent contract.

But even if a young person does not get a permanent contract, he will have gained experience, skills and sometimes a diploma, thanks to the training. For example,  a person who has  a future job as an agent in the health and social sector will be trained as a caregiver or medico-psychological assistant. If she graduates, she will have more opportunities to find a job afterwards.

Is it difficult to get a job with a future?

Here in Aurillac, for a position in employment of the future, there are 4 to 5 candidates. When an advisor receives an offer of post, he transmits the resumes that seem appropriate. Employers pledge to receive each person in interview. The candidate may, if desired, take training to prepare for the recruitment interview. Even if he is not taken for the position in question, it gives him a good training for a future interview. Since 2013, 600 jobs for the future have been signed in Cantal.

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What other devices are accessible to young people without a diploma? 

Young people without professional experience can do a few days internship in a company through a local mission. It’s a good way to discover a sector or a trade. Sometimes this can lead to a job. Recently, we sent a 17-year-old student without a degree to work in an electricity company. The manager found in him adaptability to the position (listening, concentration, accuracy of gestures …). He decided to take it on an apprenticeship. The young person is therefore currently training as an electrician: at his employer for 3 weeks and a week in CFA. In two years, if everything went well, he will get his CAP of electrician, can, if he wishes, continue to obtain a professional certificate and will probably be hired by his employer.

What advice would you give to a young person without a diploma?

It is possible to find a job without a diploma in several sectors of activity: the hotel and catering, security, transport and logistics, local communities … Do not hesitate to multiply the professional experiences: to do internships for discover new sectors, seasonal jobs, summer jobs, accept a temporary assignment even if it is only a day because that is where the beginning of a CV begins. In some positions, young people without a diploma are placed as well as graduates. What employers look at is mainly the ability of the person to adapt to the position to be filled but also the well-being: behavior, punctuality and politeness.

Finding your local mission

There is no official website gathering all French local missions.

To find out where the local missions closest to you are, the best is to type in a search engine “local missions” + the name of your region or department.

You can also go through this site or inquire at your town hall.

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