How To Lose Weight 5 kilos – How To Lose 5kg In A Week

Fat is a reserve of energy. It can be counted in Calories (one unit) and five kilograms are equivalent to 39,000 Calories. This is the number of hours of effort that will be needed to burn this fat!

You will be happy to learn that sport is optional to lose weight. Few people are naturally sporty, and even many sports people struggle to stay slim. Yet many people are thin. Only 10% of the population is obese, ie sick overweight.

So how do all thin people … or at least all people with average weight?

The key to thinness is to watch your how to lose 5kg in a week A balanced diet is the basis of all weight loss and permanent stabilization. Food contains energy that turns into fat. You need energy … but if you consume too much food then the body will store the excess and you will get fat.

Your body is already practicing several hours of sport every day, without even having to lift a finger. Your body beats continuously, your lungs breathe, your brain reflects, your organs produce heat, and so on. All this is the equivalent of 2 to 3 hours of running.

No need to add half an hour of jogging in the morning if you do not like jogging. You would only exhaust yourself, demotivate yourself, and maybe even totally disgust yourself with the sport. This is not the right solution. It’s better to focus on your how to lose 5kg in a week

On the next page you will discover how fast it is possible to lose 5 kilos.

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Welcome to my website. I will teach you how to lose 5 pounds, if possible in 1 week, thanks to advice from my experience. I lost several dozen pounds and I never took them back.

Do you wonder why so many people manage to lose weight … but not you? The answer to this question may be on my site. Each person will have a different slimming path. Some lose weight easily and can not stabilize, others lose weight very hard but easily stabilize

In my case I lost more how to lose 5kg in a week slowly, very slowly, but today I am the thinnest person in my life and family. I give advice to everyone, because I know how difficult it is to go it alone. And the majority of websites are content to sell useless and ineffective products.

Not that here: you will find here only my opinion and objective information to help you do yours. Once the reading of my site finished, you will know more about the slimming that the majority of French. You will not need to buy anything, or pay a single penny because my site is free.

Truce of procrastination, let’s get right back to the heart of the matter.

However, if you only have 5 pounds to lose to reach your ideal weight , a week will not be enough to achieve a lasting result how to lose 5kg in a week Then you leave 2 months to lose your 5 kilos , and avoid the effect yoyo

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